She panted at times as if to give birth again — only this time to deliver herself from this life

By Gerald Grow

After the ultrasound and a visit to the birth center, Christl, who would be 41 at the time of the birth, turned to me and announced, “I’m…

Annotated examples of narration, exposition, definition, classification, description, process analysis, and persuasion.

Photo by Gerald Grow

by Gerald Grow

When people use language, they don’t reinvent it every time they want to say something. They use certain recurring forms of communication. These forms work because both the speaker and the listener understand how to use them as a way of thinking. …

Build your day around the rhythms of the day. Forget clock-time, and make time to respond to what the day presents you. The greatest symphony in the world happens as the pre-dawn light rises into day and the sun comes up to the songs of birds. …

Her applications got no response, so I asked her to let me rewrite her resume.

Christl dancing outside our duplex, circa 1981, with the ’68 Dart in the background. Photo: Gerald Grow

By 1981, our son was ready to go to preschool to be with friends, and Christl was ready for a job that would allow her to get out of the house and be around adults.

Christl was so smart and disciplined that she could do almost anything. But in her…

Assume a reader who chooses what to read, how to read, and reads the article interpretively as an organized whole.

by Gerald Grow

In the early 1990s, I studied how to write better by studying how people understand what they read. This effort is detailed in a conference paper, Serving…

An old friend came to see me. This would not be unusual, except she had died fifteen years earlier.

Shortly before she died, I couldn’t stop thinking of Diane. That whole week, everywhere — waking, turning a corner, looking up in a bookstore at faces beyond the window — I…

The current swept her below the beach, behind the coffeehouses at the river’s edge.

Stock Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Christl said she developed late, a year or more after her schoolmates had grown breasts, discovered boys, and bled. But by the time she reached 16, men grew silent when she walked into a room. By…

Events have become more extreme than this extreme image

On The Cross — An image the author withheld for years as too extreme. © Gerald Grow

Making art can open you to the world in unexpected ways.

When I retired in 2009, I started making colorful, mystical abstract photographs and happily immersed myself in the images that led to my e-book, “Dancing with a Camera in the…

Gerald Grow

Gerald Grow is a retired journalism professor, cartoonist, and photographer. More at

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